You dreamed to become an airline pilot?
There you go !!!!

  • Young Students :
  • The integrated ab initio ATPL (A) training prepares you directly, and without any prevoious expérience to become a first officer on a commercial aircraft in the most prestigious companies.

  • Passionate Professionals:
  • The modular trainings certificates prepare you step by step for a career always richer and more demanding up to the : PPL, CPL, IR, ME, MCC, ATPL (theory)


Flight Dispatcher

At the heart of the technical operations of an airline or in service  with an airport handling organization, you will be the focal point of the captain for the collection and the technical treatment of  the information necessary for the preparation and for the safe and effective realization of the flight.

    • Training as flight dispatchers (possibly completed by an internship to obtain the license) will lead you to be the privileged interlocutor of the captain for its whole mission
    • Load master training of will allow you to intervene directly at the foot of the plane

Cabin crew

To welcome the passenger on board, inform him, assist him, and reassure him when necessary.  It takes a great sense and a strong capacity of service

    • To be responsible of the passengers security through the instruction of a Captain, one has to take mandatory and regulatory training in first aid and in safety  to obtain the Safety and Rescue Certificate ( SRC), the state diploma which gives evidence of the capacity to exercise its skills within the framework of a crew.

Other trainings

Exclusively dedicated  to airline companies, Africa Aviation Academy premises, equipments and instructors also realize other initial or recurring trainings of the operation staff such as:

  • Fire drills , Door Trainers, Ramp Slides, Wing Exit Trainer for B767 and B737
  • Safety drills in emergeny situation
  • Human factors: CRM, DRM, MRM
  • Transport of the dangerous goods,
  • Safety
  • RVSM, ETOPS, etc.
– 95 PNC recurrent training in Africa Aviation Academy. CRM / Security, First Aid, Fire drills and Ramp Slide, Safety and SMS. Evacuation B767 and B737 NG.

-The Air Force Cameroon training in AAA type rating for MA 60 PNC

 -Mid-term review of ATE.

-Three young pilots trained in Africa Aviation Academy pre employment with Camair Co.

Why Choose Us

        • Although situated in Cameroon, Africa Aviation Academy school is deliberately dedicated to international vocation because this country is the historic cultural point of convergence of the populations of Central Africa and West Africa; and each feels there at home.
        • Our training programs approved by  Civil Aviation Authorities in Africa are aligned on the EASA standards
        • The country is bilingual. Pilot courses are entirely given in English; all other courses are indifferently given in French or in English to favor the professional bilingualism.
      • The school receives for their recurring trainings, pilots, agents of operations and cabin crew of numerous airline companies. So, the ab initio trainees are in direct contact with professionals and future colleagues, what favors the exchanges and their future insertion in the Professional world.

They trust us